The Washington D.C. Reunion page is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Kenny Dyer, "Bud" Dykes and Gary "Doc" Smith

Front- Ron Olshewski, Gary Joyner, Kenny Dyer, Jon Squires, Gary Renick, Bob Scott
Back- Jerry Autry, Don Shive, Tim O'connor, Phil Woodall, Gary Smith, "Bud" Dykes
July 31st, 1993

This wreath was left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, "The Wall", after a special memorial service conducted by former 1/501 Chaplain Jerry Autry and dedicated to the A 1/501 troopers killed in action during the early months of 1968.

These three guys look familiar and of course we had to pay a visit to the 101st Airborne Division Memorial at Arlington Cemetary.

It's back to the hotel and party time. Sharing memories while digging thru those old pics, maps and other good stuff.

Hey you guys. My camera was kind of blurry. I know you have some better pics than these, so lets see 'em. Send them HERE

The D.C. 93 Reunion was organized by Bob "Scotty" Scott with a little help from his friends. Especially Don Shive original A co commander and Jerry Autry 1/501 Chaplain 68-69