Washington DC 1997
A tribute to Kenneth W Dyer

This great collage of photos was put together by 1/501 Chaplain Jerry Autry

Relatives and friends of Kenny Dyer join with Alpha co. vets at "The Wall"

Gary "Doc" Smith addresses the Alpha co. group

Bob Scott

Bud Dykes and Don Shive

Jeff Cahen, Jerry Autry, Jim Balda and Phil Woodall in a lively conversation

Gary Smith making his point to John Leach

Remembering Kenny

In 1997, Alpha Company had a rememberence for one of our fallen brothers, Kenny Dyer. Over thirty relatives of his came to D.C. to join us and most of the usual A 1/501 gang were there as well, organized by Don Shive / Jerry Autry. Kenny wasn't killed in Nam but rather Agent Orange / Kidney failure contributed to his demise in early May, 1995.
There was a wonderful ceremony held at the "Wall" where I had the privilege to place a wreath near the names of our other fallen brothers and was assisted by Kenny's mother, "Mama" Dyer. As usual our Pastor Jerry Autry presided at the memorial service.
We laughed, joked and talked about our times across the pond and how strong Kenny was but he couldn't swim a lick. It was more of a wake than a saddened affair and the family really enjoyed getting to know the guys of Alpha Company. Dinner was held at the Marine Base next to the Sheraton in Virginia near the Arlington National Cemetary.
The bonding ended in the Hospitality suite with everyone feeling good about attending and then they had to leave for thier homes. A very pleasant weekend with some tears, but mostly love shown by all that were there. I guess (to me) it was sad yet great that so many came to remember. No one is ever forgotten as long as someone remembers them.
Bob "Scotty" Scott