Photos from the "Week of the Eagles" reunion (part 1)

WWII and Vietnam veterans have the honor of leading the Division Review

Here's proof that Phil "Memphis" Woodall (arrow) marches to the beat of a different drummer as he and Jon Quick pass in review. Left, right, whatever :)

Getting the party underway are L to R: Gary Joyner, Jon Quick, Jerry Marshall, Mark Orr, John Conroy, Curt Knapp and Dan Gorey.

Mark and Dan team up for some new kind of Peace? symbol.

John Kampschroeder (left) joins in on the laughs as Dan gives Curt some help cleaning his ears.

Dan Gorey - Arty FO

John Kampschroeder - A 1/501

Curt Knapp - 2nd Brigade Aviation

John Conroy - A 1/501

A reminder from Joyner, Woodall, Quick, Conroy and Orr. At an event like this keep your "challenge coin" handy.

The good times keep right on rollin'. All that hair in the foreground belongs to "Merry" (Jon Quicks' gal). She showed plenty of nerve wearing that Marines t-shirt on Screaming Eagle turf but she's entitled. Her dad was a career jarhead.

Rumor has it that Phil Woodall and Reagan are a hot item with wedding plans in the near future. We'll keep you posted on that.

Come back here for more "Week of the Eagles" photos in our August update

A big AIRBORNE! and GERONIMO! to Brenda Turk and all the employees at the I-24 Holiday Inn. Great hospitality and service from everyone there. Thank you all.

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Thanks to Jerry Marshall, Jon Quick and Gary Joyner for these pics